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Facts of MRCP (UK) in Bangladesh

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10th November 2017

Common Misconceptions | MRCP (UK) In Bangladesh

1. MRCP (UK) is a diploma degree in Medicine like diploma in cardiology, diploma in dermatology. TRUTH is MRCP (UK) is a diploma in internal medicine. Here, diploma means certificate (please check English dictionary). A diploma is a certificate issued by an institute like BCPS in Bangladesh. FCPS is also a diploma issued by BCPS
2. MRCP (UK) is an online degree. TRUTH is, this is not an online examination. The exam consists of 3 parts (part-1, part-2 written and PACES). The first two parts can be given in Dhaka by hard paper (not by computer). These two parts (part-1 and part-2 written) is in single best format. The bedside part is called PACES, which consists of 4 short cases (respiratory, abdomen, neurology, cardiology), 2 brief clinical consultations (rheumatology, endocrinology or any acute emergencies), 1 history taking station (in front of 2 examiners) and 1 communication station (in front of 2 examiners). In total at least 10 examiners assess 1 candidate in PACES examination
3. Candidates don’t have to diagnose or deal with real patients in MRCP clinical examination like FCPS. TRUTH is, it is one of the toughest bedside exam in the world. For example, I will give you the lists of patients I have to face in the PACES examination (respiratory: rheumatoid interstitial lung disease, abdomen: polycystic kidney disease, cardiology: aortic valve replacement, neurology: myotonia dystrophica, brief consultation 1: ankylosing spondylitis, brief consultation 2: retinitis pigmentosa)
4. Overall, MRCP is easier than FCPS and it is all about money. TRUTH is, every part of MRCP examination is far more standard than FCPS examination and also it is less biased (to prove that, I will ask you to talk with doctors who pass both MRCP and FCPS, they are in best position to compare MRCP with FCPS. Also, 58+ countries recognize MRCP not FCPS)
5. One can pass MRCP without training. TRUTH is, one can appear without training but to pass, you must have to undergo training. Recommendation is 2 years, but in fact, one need at least 5 years after graduation to complete all three parts of MRCP (with rare exception). And all of us who pass MRCP have undergone local training
6. MRCP is an entry examination in UK. TRUTH is, MRCP is the one and only exit examination of internal medicine in UK and it is the entry examination of medicine speciality like neurology/nephrology
7. MRCP is not a post-graduate degree. TRUTH is, MRCP UK is recognized as a post-graduate qualifications by UK GMC (general medical council). Also 58+ countries. Please check UK GMC if any doubt
8. BMDC do not recognize MRCP as a post-graduate qualification and one can’t become professor with MRCP only. TRUTH is, BMDC recognize MRCP as a post-graduate qualification from its beginning (check BMDC additional qualification list) and one can become professor with MRCP only (Bangladesh public service commission)
9. CCT (certificate of completion of training) is required to register MRCP by BMDC. This is a new criteria set by BMDC against which we are going to Court of Law. After completion of all 3 parts of MRCP, one can register by UK GMC (and many other medical council) and can write post-nomial MRCP UK. After completion of CCT (in medicine sub-speciality), one can write MRCP UK (speciality like neurology/nephrology, NOT internal MEDICINE)
If any question, feel free to ask in the comment box. We have to remember that, BCPS is established by members of Royal College of UK (like Prof. Nurul Islam, Prfo. M.R.Khan, Prof, B.Chowdhury). MRCP (UK) diploma/certificate is issued by Federation of Three Royal Colleges of UK (London, Glasgow and Edinburg)
Some mean and jealous people in this country is broadcasting wrong and harsh information regarding MRCP UK. SO I tried to explain in order to increase awareness by junior doctors/future generations
Best wishes.

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