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How to Overcome the repeated failure in PACES Exam ?

Hello world!
10th November 2017


Hi sir
I m [Name (hidden)] from Malaysia
I have taken the exam 4 times and failed in each occasional by 2-3 marks
I need advice from you as I want to take the exam again
I took exam 4 times in London and once in Glasgow
Please advice me sir and I need for assistance

Ans by SsAdmin
Dear Doctor,
We have forwarded your concern to Dr. Sumanta Sir and his recommendation is for you that you need to prepare yourself first than go for the exam. It is not good to appeared repeatedly in the exam

thinking I wish if I Could….Luck…Issh …..without effective preparation.If you are not sure about you


r preparation , than take more time to do some courses and get prepare well with confidence and than go for the exam.

And you may know about the SsAcademy is best in this regard. We have repeated 100% success in PACES exam with the top marks in clinical part that is Dr Saquib Navid Siddique [ 170 out of 172]
So why not you ???

Now its your decision the way of preparing yourself or with the wold’s proven course of MRCP UK -2 PACES International Course .
Course Details @
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Thanks With Best Regards
Sukanta Kumar Saha | SsAdmin | Call @ 01757754457

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