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MRCP(UK) | Postgraduate Medical Examination

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10th November 2017

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MRCP(UK) is accountable to the Federation of Royal Colleges of Physicians of the United Kingdom. The Federation sets internationally acknowledged standards in medicine, building on a proud tradition of professional excellence, established over centuries by British physicians.

Internationally, the MRCP(UK) portfolio of postgraduate medical examinations are regarded as valuable qualifications.

The Federation is responsible for the following postgraduate medical examinations:

Membership of the Royal Colleges of Physicians (UK) Diploma
This qualification is designed to test the skills, knowledge and behaviour of doctors in training.

The MRCP(UK) Diploma has been approved by the General Medical Council (GMC) as the knowledge-based assessment for core medical training, and the successful completion of the entire three-part examination is a requirement for physicians wishing to undergo training in a medically related specialty in the UK.

Internationally, the MRCP(UK) Diploma is also a valued professional distinction in many other countries.

MRCP(UK) develops and delivers membership and specialty examinations that are recognised around the world as quality benchmarks of medical knowledge and clinical skills. Good examinations play an important role in the protection of patients by ensuring that doctors have the appropriate high level of knowledge and skill. They also give every doctor a fair chance to demonstrate his or her level of ability – no matter when or where the examination is taken. Achieving this requires sound procedures and input from numerous experts.

MRCP(UK) Diploma
The diploma is the official certificate showing that you have successfully passed all three MRCP(UK) examinations. MRCP(UK) Diplomas are not issued until the signed Form of Faith has been received, processed and all the required criteria met.

Foundation Years
In the UK, directly after graduation from medical school, the first step of internal medicine training is two years of foundation training in a UK hospital. Sometimes this term is shortened to FY1 or FY2 (for Foundation Year).

So an FY1 doctor is in their first postgraduate training post. Most UK candidates take their MRCP(UK) Part 1 examination during this period.

Training during the foundation years (FY1 and FY2) enables newly qualified doctors to achieve general clinical and non-clinical competencies defined in the UK curriculum. This covers acute, community, mental health and general practice. It forms the bridge between medical school and specialty training.

Core Medical Training
Core Medical Training (CM1 and CM2) forms the first stage of specialty training for most doctors training in physicianly specialties and will prepare trainees for participating in the acute medical take at a senior level and managing patients with acute and chronic medical problems in outpatient and inpatient settings.

Specialty Training
Specialty Training (ST3 – 6) are NHS training posts in specific specialties following on from core medical training.

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