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Dr. Sumanta Kumer Saha is a Director & Course Coordinator of this “SsAcademy” and he is now working as an Assistant Professor of Medicine in Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College & Hospital. He worked as a  Senior Consultant & Head of the department, Medicine of Brahmanbaria Medical College Hospital Ltd since  from 2009 to 2014

Dr. Sumanta passed his MBBS on 2004 from SOMC (Sylhet M A G Osmani Medical College) brilliantly and he secured 1st, 2nd& 3rd places in his institutes in 1st, 2nd& final professional examinations respectively. As a brilliant student he got a scholarship for higher study and he completed his post-graduation (MD) in Cardiology on 2009 with excellent academic record in LSMU (Lugansk State Medical University), Ukraine. He passed his MRCP (UK) in Internal Medicine on 2013/1 diet from Cross House Hospital, Glasgow brilliantly.

He also awarded MRCP S (Glasg), MRCPE (Edinburgh)&MRCP (London) on 2013. He trained himself in different specialties of medicine in different parts of the world especially in Bangladesh (Apollo Hospitals Dhaka), India (KIMS, Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences), Ukraine (LSMU), UK (Ealing Hospital, London; UCL, London; Stockport Hospital, Manchester; Hammersmith Hospital, London). As a careerist personality, Dr. Sumanta has been awarded lots of academic certificates, CMEs etc. that are worthwhile.

Dr. Sumanta took lots of classes of undergraduate and postgraduate students of different institutes both in country & in abroad and he has been giving lectures in “Sumanta Sir’s Academy” for all parts of MRCP since 2009 and he started an excellent method of medicine learning by providing classes in a unique, exceptional and distinctive way.

According to him, his class is integral part of this course and overall, he is an excellent, experienced & mastered teacher and he knows how the subject like medicine can be taught, can be inserted into the brain of the prospective candidates & ultimately retain each and every topics for whole life making the medicine subject easier, palatable, effective and successful and lastly to be a GOOD PHYSICIAN.



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