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Candidates Feedbacks

“This course is very helpful for me. It helped me to refresh my clinical knowledge. This course is not only helpful for the candidates of MRCP but also for any clinicians"
“In my opinion, this preparatory course for MRCP is the best; most effective and unique on the practical ground. I am really well guided for MRCP Part 1 ,Part 2 Written & PACES course in this centre”
“Thanks to SsAcademy for its unique effort to guide doctors in Bangladesh as well as all over the world towards achieving world’s one of the best postgraduate degree in medicine (MRCP)”
“I am very much thankful and grateful to SsAcademy as it leaves no stone for understanding and helping someone for getting success in the MRCP Exams through its unique effort and guidance”
“I think it is a great opportunity to all the doctors who are seeking career in medicine to get the proper guidance and appropriate learning methods on the way to a post graduate degree like MRCP in this centre.”
“I am very much pleased to attend the classes for MRCP-1 & 2 Written in SsAcademy. Specially, the way of teaching of Sumanta Sir is very effective and the unique mnemonics which are given to the class is very conceptual, unique & helpful to remember the things easily through one can achieve his/her dream success within a short period of time “
“It’s truly to say that it is very much helpful and beneficial for the students who determine that he or she will do MRCP. Because by doing the class he/she will be helpful for MRCP Part -1 as well as knowing MRCP part-2 and PACES “
“In my opinion, this preparatory course for MRCP is very much helpful & attractive to be good clinician & also for passing MRCP exam. I wish a good success for SsAcademy.”---
“I have participated on Sumanta Sir’s unique classes & Exams for MRCP Part-1 & 2 Written that have been encouraging, effective and so helpful on the way to the exam (MRCP).The classes are interactive, detailed and commendable which give me the confident to appear the exam in a comfortable way in a brilliant success.”
Thanks to Dr.Sumanta Kumer Saha & the entire SsAcademy for their endless support. the course is very unique ,enthusiastic, & easily absorbable. All important topics are covered & effective suggestion & guidelines are provided. One of the most effective course in Bangladesh as well as in the world & very helpful for doctors willing to pass MRCP.
"This course is reliable, planned,& appropriate for anyone who wish to get success in MRCP exams .It was very helpful for me.Sumanta Sir’s inspiration ,encouragement, & way of teaching will boost confidence to become a good clinician to young doctors.I wish success to his all endevour"
“I am very much grateful to SsAcademy. His guidance ,positivity ,teaching methods are very helpful for me. Without the guidance of Sumanta Sir’s it would be impossible for me to pass the exam.Last of all this course is very effective for not only MRCP but also any other examination. I wish their success & progress day by day”
  • This course not only helps the doctors for passing the examination but also makes them a good physician. I hope the generation of doctors will achieve immense benefits from here. I would like to congratulate and offer sincere thanks to this academy
    Dr. Azizul Hasan
    MBBS (DMC), MRCP (UK), FRCP (IRE), D Card (Austria) Consultant & Coordinator, Medicine, Apollo Hospitals Dhaka
  • To guide and assist an intellectual group like doctors for academic achievement is a mammoth task. One needs the courage, effort and above all the passion for it. Dr. S.K. Saha has already proved (by his MRCP courses) that he is capable of doing it. I wish him all the success in his endeavor
    Dr. Syed SakibNazir
    MRCP (UK), FRCP (UK), Consultant, Mid-Yorks NHS Trust, London Former Consultant & Coordinator-Cardiology, Apollo Hospitals Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • I heard lots about Sumanta Sir’s Academy. His endeavor shows a bright light to so many doctors by teaching MRCP in the crisis moment of career depression in Bangladesh. I encouraged so many doctors to join here and my son, Dr. Salehin also trained here & he got much benefits. Dr. Sumanta teaches so nicely which is exciting, stimulating and knowledge giving; that’s why, I must to praise him as A GOOD TEACHER BY NATURE”
    Prof. Dr. K.M.H.S Sirajul Haque
    MBBS, FCPS (BD), FCPS (Pak), FRCP (Edin), FACC, FRCP (UK) Former Chairman, Dean &Head, Cardiology, BSMMU, Dhaka
  • This academy is designed to teach and train the young doctors for MRCP exam. Its course curriculum is designed in such a way that of anybody is adhere to this course, be sincere, punctual and attentive then he or she will definitely succeed. Even during preparation for the exam the candidate will gain so many tips that not only help him/her to pass the exam but will make a good physician
    Prof. Dr. Nurul Islam
    MBBS, MRCP (UK), FRCP (UK) Consultant & Coordinator (Nephrology), United Hospital Ltd
  • I am so much delighted, happy and pleased to see the great achievement of this academy. Dr. Sumanta’s teaching method is so unique which inspired even me to be a student of him for the MRCP exams. I pray for the best success of this academy
    Prof. Dr. Sudhangshu Ranjan Dey
    MBBS, MD (Cardiology), FACC, FRCP (UK) Former Head of the Department of Cardiology, Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College