Regular Course-(6 Months) |S-1


Class Schedule

Duration Day System Mock Test Class-01 Class-02
6 Months Tuesday 03:30pm-04:00pm 04:00pm-05:30pm 05:30pm -07:00pm

Class Details

Category Week Class Exams
Block -01
Paper-01-Applied Basic Sciences
01. Anatomy 4 8 1
02. Physiology 2 4 1
03. Pathology (General 1 + Systemic 1) 2 4 1
Paper-02-(A)-Principles of Surgery in General
04. GIT+ Hand Disorders 1 2 1
05. Colorectal Surgery 1 2 1
06. Abdomen 1 2 1
07. Urology 1 2 1
Block -02
08. Orthopedics 2 4 1
09. ENT + Skin Lesions 1 2 1
10. Breast & Endocrine 2 4 1
11. Vascular Surgery 1 2 1
12. Brain Dis.+ Organ Transplantation 1 2 1
13. Pediatric & Pancreatic Surgery 1 2 1
Paper-02-(B)- Generic Surgical Topics
14. Peri-operative care 1 2 1
15. Post-operative & Surgical Technique & Technology 1 2 1
16. Microbiology , Oncology + Mgt. &Legal issues 1 2 1
17. Emergency Medicine & Trauma 1 2 1
Final Mock Test (Full Syllabus) 1
TOTAL 24 48 18



Successful Candidate's Feedback

  • “Thanks a million to SsAcademy to providing proper guidelines which will really help me to pass the MRCS exam”
  • “I am feeling lucky to be a part of SsAcademy. Before established of SsAcademy, it was very tough to get to know the details of MRCS, MRCP, MRCOG and MRCPCH. Thanks to Sumanta Sir that he is sharing his vision among us, an inspiration, Dynamic Person and outstanding teacher.”
  • “I am extremely happy and privileged to be in this academy. All the classes are extremely informative. The lecture notes and mentors teaching method is very helpful.
  • “SsAcademy is excellent with their quality as they provided adequate and proper guidelines to the students. As the MRCS exam is quite different pattern that’s why a proper environment & guidelines is must for the students to succeed. I do believe that our course coordinator and mentors are very much helpful and inspiring for making us a better study environment”
  • “SsAcademy is the proper organization for the proper guidance of MRCS examination. Lecture notes and the question bank is up to date and mentors are very helpful and friendly as well.”
  • “SsAcademy does a great job at simplifying palatable and easily understood to students by providing excellent lecture sheet and world class materials. The topics are broken down to manageable bits. I wish all the best to Sumanta Sir and his academy for the excellent work.”  
  • “The classes for MRCS are well organized, good and friendly educational environments maintained. I am very happy and grateful to Sumanta Sir and his academy.”
  • The notes and the lectures are very much helpful. We are getting good guidelines for our subject matters. Thanks to Sumanta Sir and all the staff of SsAcademy to provide best service to us.”

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