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Statistics, Epidemiology &

Evidence-based Medicine


2.5+hrs Video Lectures,
1 Complete Lecture Note Discussion
100-Practice Questions on Statistics
Mock Test Series,
Epidemiology & Evidence-based Medicine

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Statistics, Epidemiology & Evidence-based Medicine is one of the part of the biggest system, Clinical Sciences of MRCP-Part-01 Examination and where a Candidate will have to go through a number of 5-Questions.

Typically, the preparing Candidates are frightened to read the Statistics because, this is one of the toughest subject where a candidate not only feels uncomfortable to read but also feels this subject is essentially complex. But the great news is that just after having this course will definitely make the candidates more comfortable to study, more easy to understand the topics & ultimately more confident to make the answers correct.

This course is designed to have 1-Lecture Notes Discussion along with the 100-Practice Questions on Statistics, Epidemiology & Evidence-based Medicine

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Introductory Class


Lecture Name         Duration
The Most Important Rules for Your Success 27:04
Study Environment You should Maintain 02:55
What to study ? 04:05
While watching the video 05:41
Course Syllabus – MRCP Part – 1 EXAM
How to follow the Course Contents ?
Book List
V MRCP(UK) Part-1 Exam Format

Statistics, Epidemiology & Evidence-based Medicine


Lecture Name          Duration
Statistics, Epidemiology & Evidence-based Medicine
Statistics, Epidemiology & Evidence-based Medicine              02:21
Mock Test – Statistics, Epidemiology & Evidence-based Medicine

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MBBS (SOMC), MD (Cardiology), MRCP (UK)
MRCPE (Edinburgh), MRCPS (Glasgow), MRCP (London)
Mentor – Ss MRCP (UK)
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