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Career In Obs & Gynae | MRCOG UK

“Be a Gynaecologist with a Highly Recognized World Class Degree within 2-4 Years Only”

Must To Look !!! Plan For

  • FMGs (Fresh Medical Graduates).
  • Intern Doctors/After MBBS in Bangladesh.
  • Doctors working outside of Bangladesh, wishing to have a post-graduate degree.
  • Doctors wishing to migrate to UK from any other foreign countries with a post-graduate degree.
  • General Practitioners who still don’t have post-graduate degree, but passed many years after MBBS.
  • Doctors already frustrated for appearing lots of post-graduate degrees with multiple attempts.


Only after 4 years, you will be a World Class Specialist/Consultant/Professor!!! Yes, dear DOCTORS, it’s a DREAM and of course, this DREAM will come true, if you are well-trained, proper-guided & best coached. SsAcademy is providing courses successfully for the last 7 years by the EXPERTS who are really dedicated to the career of the DOCTORS & Coached already more than 2,500 Doctors all over the country.


Your career with SsAcademy from NOW!!! Why??? Notably, it really doesn’t matter wherever you are working or whatever you are doing now, the SsAcademy will help you to find your required Supervisor with a very effective course for your success in EXAMS with RECOMMENDATIONS, that you must to have before you apply for the EXAMS.

Scope of MRCOG UK


You can do work as a gynaecologist and as an Assistant professor in Bangladesh and can go for further career progression.


You can do work as a gynaecologist even a Consultant in the different countries like Middle East, Singapore, Oman, Malaysia and lots of other countries in the world with Smart & Good Incentives.


The MRCOG exam is internationally respected as the gold standard qualification for career progression in Obs & Gynae: it’s your passport to the very pinnacle of the profession.


You can get the GMC registration in UK after doing IELTS only and you can get a job in UK and can go further career progression.


Within a very short time only 2-4 years, you will have a world recognized postgraduate qualification, that is, MRCOG (UK).


You will have lots of opportunities that only you can show the world of medical science exceptionally.


  • Exam Centre :
    Dhaka(Bangladesh) India, UK
  • Exam Format :
    3 Step [ Part 1:(SBA) & Part 2 Written: (SBA & EMQ), Part 3 Clinical: (TBC)]
  • Exam Fees*:
    Part 1: £ 360, Part 2 Written: £ 340, Part 3 Clinical: £ 420
  • Exam Session :
    January, July
  • Part 1:
    1 Year (Internship is accepted)
  • Part 2 Written:
    4 Year (4 Year Training)
  • Part 3 Clinical:
    After Passing Part 2 Written
  • Registration:
    Online Registration

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