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MRCOG Part-1 | Mock Test

MRCOG UK-1 | Complete Mock Tests Series | Details

Duration: 3/2/1 Months | Total System Mock Tests-8 | Total Block Tests-02 | Final Mock Test-01
Candidates can attend in Mock Tests before the following MRCS PART-A examination: 01-March Exam 02-September Exam
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Candidates can attend the Complete Mock Test Series from their home too. For more details Call @ SsHotline: +88-017 577 544 57 | # Exam Procedure: Through Email *Step-01: We Will Send You The Question Paper (On Every Wednesday @ 5pm) | *Step-02: You will have to submit the answer paper Like: 1-A (if the answer is A of Quetion-1) [Before Friday 5pm] *Step-03: We will send you evaluate your answer and send you the results with the explanation of all the questions[Friday @ 5pm] #Duration: 3/2/1 [Candidates can choose any duration to complete their exam]
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Candidates Feedback

  • So far, I have found the teaching method of this academy which is very useful. SsAcademy already gives us a guideline which is sufficient to pass MRCOG. I have come from Malaysia only to attend this course. The whole environment is very nice over here. I wish day by day success of this academy..........Dr. Maliha Rashid Kathy, MBBS(SOMC)
  • I feel proud to be one of student of this academy. Sumanta Sir is always inspiring us. I am really benefited from SsAcademy. SsAcademy Mentor is very much co-operative......... Dr. Naznin Afroz-MBBS(MMC)
  • At first I would like to thank Dr. Sumanta Sir to arrange such an organized MRCOG classes for us. We are having beautiful lectures, necessary feedback & useful notes for us. We are also want to request Dr. Sumanta Sir to arrange revision classes which we are lacking. At last we also would like to thank our very helpful mentors for making us possible to concentrate on reading & for their useful participation........... Dr. Sofia Salam, MBBS(BMC)
  • So far, the classes I have attended, was effective and the course material is up to date .I will also appreciate Dr. Most. Asma Khatun, She is a very efficient Mentor. The question bank is also helpful. Till now I am very happy with the performance of SsAcademy............Rabeya Ferdousi Soma-MBBS(BMC)
  • First of All I would like to thank Sumanta Sir, Course coordinators and every individual putting efforts to arrange such a course. Though there are some uniqueness and gradually the course taking shape. I would like to request Sumanta Sir to specially arrange revision classes. And we would not mind even if the course becomes lengthy. There are some classification of Anatomy, Biochemistry will required. Also we need workshops for solving questions. Yet I would like to specially Thank Dr. Asma & Deepa for being very helpful & friendly...........Nighat Ara, MBBS(Medical College for Women & Hospital), Specialist-United Hospital
  • In the journey of our medical profession there is up and downs of depression to do the post-graduation. Success in career are like crown, SsAcademy is playing a great role to give up our depressions to make us competent and confident. Here is not only study, I am getting the guidelines, formula and the steps as well. SsAcademy enable us to having foreign degrees from our home lands by easily. It is a great job done by Sumanta Sir for helping us to fulfill our dreams...............Nusrat khan-MBBS (Medical College for Women & Hospital)  

Teachers | MRCOG UK

Mock Tests Details

3/2/1 Months Friday 10:00am-01:00 pm
3/2/1 Months Saturday 03:00pm-06:00pm
New Session Target Diet/Exam
December March
June September
  Mock Tests Details  
Category Questions Duration
01.Anatomy  50 Q  1.5 hrs.
02.Biochemistry & Cell Biology
03.Statistics & Epidemiology 50 Q 1.5 hrs.
04.Embryology  50 Q  1.5 hrs.
06.Physiology & Endocrinology 50 Q 1.5 hrs.
07.Microbiology  50 Q  1.5 hrs.
08.Immunology & Hematology, Medical Physics
09.Pharmacology  50 Q  1.5 hrs.
10.Pathology & Homoeostasis
11.Reproductive & Fetomaternal 50 Q 1.5 hrs.
                                                                       Block-01 Details
01.Anatomy   Questions-Block-01= 100 QTime= 2 ½ hours  
02.Biochemistry & Cell Biology
03.Statistics & Epidemiology
                                                                     Block-02 Details
06.Physiology & Endocrinology    Questions-Block-02= 100 Q Time= 2 ½ hours
08.Immunology & Hematology, Medical Physics
10.Pathology & Homoeostasis
11.Reproductive & Fetomaternal
Final Mock Test(Full Syllabus 0 1             Questions-100 QTime= 2 ½ hours