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Must To Look !!! Plan For

  • FMGs (Fresh Medical Graduates).
  • Intern Doctors/After MBBS in Bangladesh.
  • Doctors working outside of Bangladesh, wishing to have a post-graduate degree.
  • Doctors wishing to migrate to UK from any other foreign countries with a post-graduate degree.
  • General Practitioners who still don’t have post-graduate degree, but passed many years after MBBS.
  • Doctors already frustrated for appearing lots of post-graduate degrees with multiple attempts.

Dr.Sumanta Kumer Saha


All About MRCP UK , you will get all the necessary information like MRCP UK Examination format , MRCP Exam Preparation , MRCP Exam Eligibility , MRCP Exam Pass Marks and the Information of SsAcademy and their available courses for MRCP UK Part-1 , MRCP Part 2 Written & for MRCP PACES Courses.

During/After Internship, start your preparation for MRCP Part 1 & then, sit for the EXAM. This is highly recommended by The Royal Colleges of UK to do a course for the best preparation.

After passing Part-1 Written, start training in any teaching hospital for 1 year & simultaneously do a course for the preparation of the 2nd step (MRCP-2 Written) & then, sit for the EXAM.

After passing of MRCP-2 Written, train yourself in a teaching hospital or do a course under a SUPERVISOR, who is an EXPERT, EXPERIENCED & EFFECTIVE trainer especially for The Royal Colleges Examinations & then, sit for the EXAM.


Only after 10 years, you will be a World Class Specialist/Consultant/Professor!!! Yes, dear DOCTORS, it’s a DREAM and of course, this DREAM will come true, if you are well-trained, proper-guided & best coached. SsAcademy is providing courses successfully for the last 7 years by the EXPERTS who are really dedicated to the career of the DOCTORS & Coached already more than 2,500 Doctors all over the country.


Your career with SsAcademy from NOW!!! Why??? Notably, it really doesn’t matter wherever you are working or whatever you are doing now, the SsAcademy will help you to find your required Supervisor with a very effective course for your success in EXAMS with RECOMMENDATIONS, that you must to have before you apply for the EXAMS.


*NB: Those, who have the training earlier or did training for FCPS or other examinations in a government authorized hospital for training; no need to do training again. It is accepted by The Royal Colleges of UK. If you have training earlier you need not to do training again or it is not necessary to do training in-between Part 1 & Part 2, if you have the working experiences in a hospital earlier, it is accepted

Scope of MRCP UK


You can do work as a medicine specialist and as an Assistant professor in Bangladesh and can go for further career progression.


You can make yourself as any super specialist of any branch of internal medicine after doing training of that particular specialties…e.g., Cardiologist, Pulmonologist, Rheumatologist, Neurologist, Infectious disease specialist, Gastroenterologist, Hepatologist, Endocrinologist even Dermatologist etc.


You can get the GMC registration in UK after doing IELTS only and you can get a job in UK. You can get Job in Australia, Middle East, Singapore, and India and in any European countries after fulfillment of their own country’s criteria of registration of practicing medicine.


Within a very short time only two and half years, you will have a world recognized postgraduate qualification, that is, MRCP (UK).


You will have lots of opportunities that only you can show the world of medicine exceptionally.
  • Exam Centre :

    Dhaka(Bangladesh) India, UK

  • Exam Format :

    3 Step [ Part 1: (SBA), Part 2 Written: (SBA), Part 2 PACES: (Clinical)]

  • Exam Fees*:

    Part 1: £ 594, Part 2 Written: £ 594, Part 2 PACES (Clinical) : £ 657

  • Exam Session :

    January, May, September.

  • Part 1:

    1 Year (Internship is accepted)

  • Part 2 Written:

    2 Year ( 1 Year Internship + 1 Year Training /Working Experience)

  • Part 2 PACES:

    2 Year ( 1 Year Internship + 1 Year Training /Working Experience)

  • Registration:

    Online Registration Click Here

Simple Questions

It’s a complete online course for MRCP UK examinations where the learners get the updated lectures in every week from the mentor which is made  only for e-Course students through a special interactive e-learning Platform.

This e-learning Platform is  as simple as you watch videos in YouTube where the mentor delivers the lecture of each & every important topics with a high quality study materials which is very unique , conceptual and palatable that is highly encountered in the exam with provision of current guidelines and question focused notes & discussion.

There are 32 Modules* in MRCP UK | e-Course. There are no differences in the  course content, video lectures , exams and notes. Only the differences is in the duration of the course.
8/6 months, you will get 1/1+ module in  a week 
4 months, you will get 2 module in a week

2 months, you will get 4 module in a week

To Enroll the course just follow the process 
simply click on  sign in >> Pay >>Start
For any help please mail us:  / call us: +880 1798 665500 

You can always pay with a Visa® or Mastercard® credit card. In some countries, you can pay with debit cards.

We are always ready to hear from you .For any kind of support  please feel free to contact with us :  Call us  : +880 1798 665500

Candidates review

  • review rating 5  This academy is very helpful for all. Mentor and all the staffs are so friendly & helpful. I think it’s the best postgraduate academy I ever seen.

    thumb Rashedul Islam

    review rating 5  Sumanto Sir's teaching style is really awesome. Hope, it'll help us to be successful in MRCP exams.

    thumb Md. Mahboobur Rahman

    review rating 5  Wonderful place to coach yourself.. awesome mentor, someone you would worship ; full of positive energy and has great expertise in this field. Definitely a place i would recommend for self assessment and preparation for MRCP

    thumb Fazlul Haque Robin

    review rating 5  too good, wonderful classes.inspiring mentor. feel lucky being a member of ss academy.

    thumb Zannat Shimu
  • review rating 5  Sumanto Sir's teaching style is really awesome. Hope, it'll help us to be successful in MRCP exams.... 🙂

    thumb Saiful Islam

    review rating 5  I have taken Online Course here in SsAcademy of two months. I must say the lectures were very useful, totally Exam friendly, coincided. Within two months, I got confidence that I can go for exam. Moreover the question bank they supplied, is so useful as well. The way they teach every single thing regarding exam preparation, is very helpful. I believe only lecture notes and Questions bank is enough to get complete preparation. I must say each and every employee of SsAcademy was so helpful, well behaved and cooperative. Thank you so much for all sort of cooperation.

    thumb Tajnuva Jabeen

    review rating 5  This academy is very helpful for all. Mentor and all the staffs are so friendly & helpful. I think it’s the best postgraduate academy I ever seen.

    thumb Rashedul Islam

    review rating 5  Lectures are very helpful and easy to catch. Excellent learning environment. I recommend they take more exams weekly.

    thumb The Xanax
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