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MRCP UK-1 | Regular Course [ 7/4 Months]

Duration: 6/3 Months | Total Classes-50 | Total System Mock Tests-13 | Final Mock-01. A Complete Course for MRCP UK Part 1. You will find every details of this course.

MRCP UK-1 | Online Course

A Complete Online Course | A Series of 115+hrs Unique Video Lectures, 1150+Topics Discussed , A Full Sets of Question Bank (4500 Q&A) & A Complete Mock Test Package.


MRCP UK-2 | Online Course

A Series of 115+hrs Unique Video Lectures, 1050+ Hot & Important Topics Discussed & A Complete Examination Module of 12 System Tests + 4 Block Tests + 1 Final Mock Test

MRCP UK-2 | Mock Test

Total System Mock Tests-12 | Block Test-4 | Final Mock Test-01 About Courses | Sample Lectures | Candidate's Feedback |


PACES | Regular Course [ 8 Months ]

Duration: 8 Months | Total Weeks-34 | Classes-68 | Final Mock Test-01. A Complete Overview of MRCP UK PACES. You will find every details of this course.

PACES | International Course [ 7 Days ]

Duration: 7 Days | Total Sessions-48 | Final Mock Day-01 . A Complete Overview of MRCP UK PACES . You will find every details of this course.

About Mentor

Dr. Sumanta Kumer Saha - MBBS, MD(Cardiology), MRCP (UK) has already won the hearts of millions of DOCTORS seeking career in country and outside the country by his UNIQUE, EASY & EFFECTIVE method of teaching on MRCP Part-1, Part-2 Written & PACES Examinations PREPARATIONS.

MRCP Mock Test

Total System Mock Tests: 12 | Total Block Tests-3 | Total Final Mock Tests-3 | Duration(Optional) : 3/2/1 Months
  • Chetan Raj Nanjundaiah (India)
    I think it is a great opportunity to all the doctors who are seeking career in medicine to get the proper guidance and appropriate learning methods on the way to a post graduate degree in this center
    Chetan Raj Nanjundaiah (India)
  • Dr. Aisha Naz Rajput (Pakistan)
    The SsAcademy courses is very Organized & the learning method is awesome that cover all the main & difficult topics which are much needed to pass the exam successfully.
    Dr. Aisha Naz Rajput (Pakistan)
    MBBS (Pakistan), FCPS (PAK), MRCP (PACES).
  • Dr Rubyyat A Hakim
    In my opinion, this preparatory course for MRCP is the best; most effective and unique on the practical ground. I am really well guided for MRCP exam in this Centre . 
    Dr Rubyyat A Hakim
  • Dr. Sadia Islam
    I am very much pleased to attend the classes for MRCP-1 & 2 Written in SsAcademy. Specially, the way of teaching of Sumanta Sir is very effective and the unique mnemonics which are given to the class is very conceptual, unique & helpful to remember the things easily through one can achieve his/her dream success within a short period of time .
    Dr. Sadia Islam
  • Dr. Md .Humayun Kabir
    In my opinion, this preparatory course for MRCP is very much helpful & attractive to be good clinician & also for passing MRCP exam. I wish a good success for SsAcademy.  
    Dr. Md .Humayun Kabir
  • Dr. Irad Ishan Ahmed
    I have participated on Sumanta Sir’s unique classes & Exams for MRCP Part-1 & 2 Written that have been encouraging, effective and so helpful on the way to the exam (MRCP).The classes are interactive, detailed and commendable which give me the confident to appear the exam in a comfortable way in a brilliant success.
    Dr. Irad Ishan Ahmed
    MBBS (BMC), MRCP (UK).
  • Dr Sadi Abdullah
    I am very much thankful and grateful to SsAcademy as it leaves no stone for understanding and helping someone for getting success in the MRCP Exams through its unique effort and guidance.
    Dr Sadi Abdullah
  • Dr. Md. Nahian Faruque Chowdhury
    PACES Intensive course is really inspired me a lot and helpful to be more confident about the PACES examination. The tips & tricks, mnemonics are unique of Sumanta Sir.The administrative part and supporting staff are organized structure and highly professional. My best wishes for SsAcademy and all of candidates
  • Dr. Quazi Tamjidul Islam
    Every doctor should have a vision to be a good clinician; no matter which ever post graduate exams you go for. SsAcademy and Sumanta Sir helps to fulfill the vision to be a good clinician. The structured course curriculum and regular classes helps a student to achieve a complete preparation for his exam. As well as the tips & tricks taught here truly helps you to reach a prompt diagnosis.
  • Dr. Saquib Navid Siddiqui
    Very well organized structured academy. Sumanta Sir is exceptional in delivery complex material in rather easy way. The whole team is fantastic, very good atmosphere to learn and train to achieve the goal in becoming MRCP (UK).
    Dr. Saquib Navid Siddiqui
    MBBS (Bangladesh), MRCP (PACES)
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